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Take control of your energy costs with solar!

Are your energy costs outrageous? Are you looking to generate sustainable energy for your home? Would you like to maintain your home’s temperature no matter the weather? If you have ever been thinking about installing solar, now is the time to get your free solar estimate with American Home Contractors.

  • Going with solar can provide so many financial savings and environmental benefits . Here are just a few ways you can save and benefit from installing your new GAF DecoTech Solar System with American Home Contractors:
  • Environmental Interests – Solar energy is a sustainable, clean, and environmentally friendly alternative energy source. You will lower your carbon footprint, and provide sustainable energy for your home. Remember to look for a solar inverter supplier in your area if you do decide to supply your own solar energy as, without it, you may not have access to a good amount of electricity.
  • Save on Rising Energy Costs – Energy costs are always on the rise. In fact, US residential electricity increased by about 15%. Help combat these rising costs with your new solar energy system.
  • Save Money – You can save an estimated $1,000 per year (over a 25-year span) with GAF Solar Energy.*
  • Increased the value of your Home Value – Solar panels are a major selling point when it comes time to sell your home. Adding the GAF DecoTech Solar system will increase the value of your home.
  • The Price of Solar is Dropping – Solar material prices are dropping as more and more customers are requesting installation on their homes. Supplies are plentiful and now is the time to cash in on those savings.
  • Tax Credits and Incentives – There is a 30% federal government tax credit for solar energy. There are state and local utility company incentives as well! This can help you pay off your investment over just a few years. Now is the time to buy, as this tax credit CAN decrease.
  • Security – Even with the best electricity providers, energy rates rise and fall constantly. Solar costs, on the other hand, stay much more consistent. This means you know what to expect on your monthly bill. This could be a huge benefit for homeowners, as they will have a better understanding of just how much their bills will cost. As a result, businesses may also decide to have a look into commercial solar panels to see if they can reap the same rewards.

*Actual electricity bill savings will depend on your utility company, electric pricing regulations, effects of tiered pricing, energy usage, region, and other different factors. Consult American Home Contractors for more details.

American Home Contractors uses only the best products for our customers, and that is why we install the GAF DecoTech Roof-Integrated Solar System. The GAF DecoTech solar system is installed directly onto the roof with a framing system designed by GAF. This means your solar panels are a PART of your roofing system, and not just sitting above it. This creates a sleek, attractive, and low-profile solar system designed with uniquely flashed perimeter and fastening mechanisms. The GAF DecoTech Roof-Integrated Solar System is designed to maintain the integrity of your roof, and help keep it protected from leaks

Why does American Home Contractors prefer the GAF DecoTech Solar System?

  • It’s affordable – this low-profile system is priced comparatively with other rack-mounted solar systems.
  • It’s protected – GAF offers a 25-year limited warranty on leaks and solar service.
  • It’s beautiful – sleek, black panels installed directly onto the roof to hide wires and blend into your roofing system.
  • It’s safe – no risk of debris or animals getting under your solar system and causing issues as the panels are installed directly onto the roof.
  • It’s prepared for water – due to the design of the system and its installation you are better protected against moisture and leak issues than with other rack mounted solar systems.

For any questions or to schedule your free in home estimate, please call your local American Home Contractors office.

Reliable Energy

Ensuring that the energy in your home is working efficiently is vital for the day to day running of your life. If there is a power outage for any reason, which can happen even with the solar panels, then possibly getting a generator transfer switch may be a comfortable solution. The generator can be portable or just a standby, therefore if there is a power outage and your cooking or doing something important the generator can power your house for enough time until the electrics start up again.

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