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Mr. and Mrs. A. Wise

Dennis was very courteous and professional. He inspected our attic and then a thorough roof inspection. We wanted an honest appraisal of the condition of the roof since several years ago we needed to have several shingles replaced. He took photos to show us the "good" and the "bad" areas.


Excellent service, very thorough, quality work, very reasonable price! Dennis did a great job!

Marlene P.

Excellent service!! Eric was right on time, friendly professional and very knowledgeable. He took his time and gave me a very detailed assessment answering all my questions so I completely understood. He found a couple significant issues on areas of my roof I didn't know was there. In addition to giving me his verbal assessment, he also sent me his written report with pictures to illustrate his findings. Based on the service I received I definitely recommend American Service Contractor's roof service and assessment.

Joseph H.

Mr. John Talpas arrived promptly and professionally introduced himself and instructed me on the service he was here to provide. The scope was extremely well explained and he was/is very personable. He seemed extremely knowledgeable and provided great/sound advice for the future integrity of my roof/attic/chimney. He was quickly able to identify where I had a leak and provided a very descriptive explanation as to the root cause, and what it will take to remedy it, and prevent future occurrences. He provided me with a well-rounded roof inspection and gave me advice on the future outlook of my roof with the current conditions (when i should think about complete replacment). He obviously knows what he is talking about and is to the point and did not try to offer anything i didn't need. A true professional in my opinion, and would gladly recommend John and American Home Contractors to anyone who is in need of honest and excellent quality work. Prompt, polite, professional and I felt i could trust his professional opinion, he was NOT pushy and was a pleasure to work with. I look forward to John and his company coming out to replace the flashing around my chimney (which was quoted at a very fair price i might add). I HIGHLY recommend American Home Contractors and especially John - THANK YOU! Also, the scheduling office was extremely flexible and got me an appointment very quickly. I had to cancel my original appointment, and they fit me in even sooner than originally scheduled. Satisfied Customer


These guys came out on time they were very nice easy to work with and did a great job on repairing my roof. Howard and Steve were the techs that came out and even though they are Raven Fans they were really good guys!! If I need to I would use this company again.


The technician came on time was very nice and friendly provided good service and took the time to explain his work. He went above my expectations that's why I am giving him a 5 star rating.

Louis A.

Marc Burkett came to clean our gutters. He was professional and thorough and made some helpful recommendations.

Russell L.

Marc Burkett came to our home in Elkridge and was absolutely professional and did a fantastic job with our roof tune up. He make some great recommendations to us for our roof and did an excellent job. I would highly recommend American Home Contractors for your roofing needs.

Frank L.

Dennis arrived at the scheduled time during rush hour traffic. He,immediately,began the gutter and roof inspection. The entire process took 90 minutes and the inspection report was very detailed and informative. Several roof photos were, also, included. Dennis was courteous,detailed and professional.

Karl R.

I had a roof inspection and tune-up. The technician was prompt, knowledgable, and very professional. He explained what the inspection would entail, he answered all my questions, he showed me photographs of both the attic and roof, and he told me what my options were. He was very thorough. The technician's name was Charles Fistek, and I would recommend him highly.

Song K.

Very pleasant and explained thorough. Took a lot of pictures of roof. Seen my roof for the first time. Dennis is beez neez.

Andrew M. K. - Chantilly, VA

The technician (Dennis C.) did a great job, start to finish. He askedabout any particular issues, inspected the interior of the roof, explainedwhat he was going to do, did it quickly and efficiently, and then spenttime both explaining it all to me, and showing me before-and-after photosof particular repairs. I am totally satisfied with his knowledge, hisability, his professionalism, and his interpersonal skills in dealing withme.

Robert G. - Gambrills, MD

Marc Burkett came out and performed a roof and gutter tune up. Marc arrivedexactly on time at 8:00 a.m. and worked hard in the heat and on a pitchedroof. He took time to explain what he was doing and why and was thorough inhis tune up. I am very pleased with the work that was performed and woulduse American Home Contractors again in the future.

Paul L.

Marc Burkett came to my home and did a gutter tune up. He did a fine job inspite of a hidden pesky bee nest somewhere near the soffit and fascia on myroof. He explained some of our options regarding new gutters if we decidedwe wanted to go that route. He also explained an available option of acertain type of gutter guard. He was very informative and very friendly.

Y. Bryant

Marc called (he was very polite) about coming earlier than scheduled tocomplete the gutter tune up. He walked with me around the house to assessthe gutters, down spouts, etc... He did a great job of explaining repairsneeded. He completed the job, explained additional recommended repairs andhow to obtain an estimate.

Penny F.

Dennis came an hour early, was polite and completely explained everythingthat he was going to do. He went up and did a few small repairs to the roofand cleaned out the gutter on the back of the house. He came back to tellme what he saw and did. He took pictures so that I could visualize what hewas saying. The roof needs replacing in the next 5 years and at no pointduring the conversation did he try to push his company or replacing theroof prematurely. I would ask this company to come out again.

Raymond D.

Worked with Tyler Griffin on putting a new roof on my house. He went up on the roof prior to giving me an estimate, no other roofing company did that. Got a great price and the work was done efficiently (especially the clean up). I would highly recommend American Home Contractors for your roofing needs.

Kevin S.

Steve came out on time and did a great job of inspecting and making small repairs on my roof. I will go with them for all my needs.

Dorothy R.

Will is the best thing to Roofing since sliced bread. I was very pleased with the company and the service. I will definitely refer to friends!

Michael S.

Dennis the technician came and explained what he was going to do and then took pictures to show me what he did. He was extremely professional and I will recommend him to all my friends

Carolyn B.

I had a gutter tuneup and the technician arrived on time, was courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. He went over the inspection report with me in great detail. He determined my gutters are in good shape but suggested I have a tech check out my roof. I made an appointment for Friday.

Barbara L.

Marc Burkett was our technician and he shared a wealth of information with us. We walked around the house and he was very thorough with his inspection and explanations. We would definitely recommend Marc and his company not just for their expertise but also for their honesty.

Richard M.

The technician will arrived precisely when promised and set about to fix the problem directly and with dispatch. Very happy about that.

Walt W.

Marc was polite, professional and proficient - he knew his subject, knew how to address the problems and got right down to it. I expect to contact American Home with other projects.

Margaret T.

Charles Fistek and Howard Shires arrived on time. They were very knowledgeable and very patient with my many questions. They were very professional and extremely courteous. I will definitely recommend to others and will use this company to replace my roof in a few years. Great price for the work done.

James K.

Will Moore did an outstanding inspection and corrective actions, where necessary. I appreciate his punctuality and expertise.

Cathy N.

Howard arrived at 3:30 on the dot. Went over everything, extremely detailed. Excellent service. Five stars for Howard.

G. Chappelle

I think tech did a good job. He seems to know what he is doing and he seems smart. I would use him again.

Gracie C.

Marc did a Good job. Smart. Knows what he's doing.

Barbara D.

Howard did A great job!

William S.

Your worker, Marc, arrived promptly and fixed the problem quickly and efficiently.

N. Newer

Marc did a good job examining my roof, gutters and exterior of my home. He was very thorough and honest about what was urgent and needed immediate attention and what could wait a little. Very helpful! Thanks.

S. Gustafson

We found AHC on Angie's List. Marc Burkett called to let me know he wouldbe a little late because of another job, and I appreciated knowing when wewas on his way. Once here, it didn't take him long to clean up the guttersand inspect the roof and siding. He explained what he found and left me hiscard for future gutter and roofing tune-ups.

M. Goodson

Marc Burkett performed a Premium Roof Tune Up. He called to say he wasgoing to be a little late; which I really appreciated. We went over thework before he started. My home insurance company had inspected the roofalready a few weeks back and found one problem needing shingles to bereplaced. That is why I ordered the roof tune up. I had emailed the officepictures of my shingles to make sure they brought same or similar colors.Marc never received those pictures. I assume a communications breakdown.Marc did a thorough job even without the replacement shingles and told methe patch he made should last as long as the res! t of the roof. He madeseveral other repair. I sure hope he is right. I would use Marc again but Iwould want better communications with the office.

J. Martinez

Marc as always does a great job at cleaning out our gutters. Thank you.

David K.

Punctual, informative and professional. Gave me the information I needed ina way it was easy to understand. I was happy with the work that was carriedout.

Gilma F.

Marc did a very good job at fixing my gutters. He was on time and very thorough. I am very happy with everything he did.

Marion J.

Marc arrived before time.. was knowledgeable about the required job, inspected site, explained what was needed and completed job. He cleaned the work area as he move from one point to the other. He was also informative regarding future problems and the solutions. I would recommend Marc and would also request him for other jobs!

LaSean B.

Marc Burkett was the technician who did our roof tune up. He was verythorough and explained all issues with our roof in great detail. I highlyrecommend American Home Contractors.

Josh A.

Had a great experience! Very professional, courteous, and took the time to explain everything. I am definitely going to be a repeat customer.

Antoinette D.

Marc Burkett did a Premium Roof Tune Up for us today. He was thorough anddid an excellent job. I was impressed that, despite the extreme heat, hemaintained his professionalism and quality of service. I would definitelyrecommend this company.

Brian B.

First off the contractor Marc Burkett showed up early, which is unheard of,an excellent start. He got straight to work and had our entire roof tune up completed in no time at all. He explained everything he was doing and was very professional. Would definitely consider using AHC again. Very satisfied.

A. Sultani

Marc did a very good job. I was very pleased with the work performed and impressed with his knowledge.

Ella Pierce

Marc, as always, did an excellent job at repairing my roof. I feel very confident with his work as he has fixed leaks before on my roof. I also love my new gutter system that American Home installed on my house and look forward to getting them to install my new roof this fall. Thank you.

Kenneth Kim

Mark, the roofing service/repairman was very courteous and done an excellent job by taking time to inspect / repair the roof. He first explained to me what he will do and after the work was done, recommended what else would need to be done in the coming years.. Thanks Marc!

Vincent Shuler

Marc Burkett was very professional and insightful. Great customer service skills and did quality work at a rapid pace. Fully satisfied with the work that was done. I would recommend him to others.


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